The Face of Luv London/UK

The Face of Luv London/UK

As the new and vibrant face of Couture Luv London, 

I wanted to tell you my story. My name is Gemma Moodie, a British born island girl who was raised in Atlanta. I was brought up to love and understand my cultural background which is Jamaican and Dominican. I love all forms of art and have been called a trendsetter whether I knew it or not. I’ve been a natural hair stylist for 12 years but have always had love for the fashion industry, since the two go hand in hand. I’m a God fearing mother of two beautiful girls and family is everything to me.  With Luv London, I plan on expressing my personal style which is sexy, fun and edgy. I also want to influence others to be comfortable in their own skin by being “naturally sexy” and living healthy lives in style!


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