Meet The CEO Ashley Williams


Hi, I am Ashley Williams, CEO of Couture Luv. Couture Luv is a Fashion blog that is specially developed to create a sense of dressing& fashion among women and girls. I got this idea from the women especially teenagers because they are not really known to dress trends, body type, and appreciation. I am your fashion guider and always available on social media channels.

Let me share some professional info &observations. Throwback to a few years, I have developed a website with the intention of e Commerce. At that time, I developed a strong feeling to create a platform for the women of all ages where they can get familiar with fashion, dressing sense, best outfit sizes according to their body shape and type as well.

The fashion industry is producing billions of dollars every year. It adds up the women’s beauty. Women's wear &accessories collection depicts her personality. And personality matters in every field of life even if you are simple housewife. Couture Luv dresses and accessories are designed to make you familiar with the new trends and fashion. We have vast collection but we keep this platform updated with the new arrivals. We also help our customers to remove the uncertainty & select the best. Couture Luv Online Store is a fashionista’s best place to make the perfect wardrobe.

We are moving towards success with positive intentions. We are aims to sell trendy designed outfits and accessories at affordable prices. You are free-hand to compare our prices with other sellers and then come up here with the final decision. I hope that your decision will be in our favor. Although our prices are low but we don’t compromise on the quality and customer service. Our trending style, competitive quality, and reasonable price make us dominant among the online fashion dressing stores.

. We are responsible for keeping our customers on the right track of ever-changing fashion. You just have to visit our store regularly to keep yourselves updated.

Our Collection is divided into main 4 categories named:

  1. Luv Accessories
  2. Luv Fashion
  3. Luv Top
  4. The Blackout 2019

All these categories are designed to make you bold, gorgeous, adorable and beautiful. If you are interested in our store & specially in Fashion than keep yourselves connected with us & also refer your friend, sisters, cousin to make their dressing sense strong.

Thank you for window shopping &your precious time. Good to see you here & happy to see your interest in fashion. At this time, you are just a visitor but I hope that you will be our regular, long term, and referrer customer. I hope you will give us a chance to amuse you with our superb and unbeatable services. Have a good day J


Ashley Williams